boundaries - i haz them

this is how i lost everything and regained myself all at the same time.

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evolution - part 1: baby blissy

i've decided that i should probably start writing down some of the things i've been through in my life. i have my reasons, not the least of which is my fear of eventually forgetting something significant from my past and forgetting why i am the person that i am.

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i am a tattoo snob

i will judge you based on your tattoos. i'll do it silently as long as you keep your mouth shut. once you start talking, tho, i am open to tell you exactly what i think. and i will.

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when there's no one to save you, you have to save yourself.

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now that's fuckin metal

obviously, i wrote this last night. i wanted to wait for Paul's death to be announced by someone more official before i posted this.

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-noun, the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically or physically habit-forming, as narcotics, to such an extent that its cessation causes severe trauma.

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i am a cliche

i learned something over the weekend. something about myself.

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liar liar pants on fire

the shooting in arizona is nothing short of a tragedy.

my heart and best healing vibes go out to all of the families of lost and injured loved ones.

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if you want to be a warrior...

before you can work for what you want.. you're going to have to slay a few of your own demons.

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happy new year

i feel like i should be waxing poetic about the past year and decade.

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i know, i've been slacking and somewhat unavailable in the world wide web as of late. don't panic tho. i'm not avoiding anything or dead in a ditch somewhere. here are my updates tho.

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if we refuse to see our own flaws, we never learn a different way. and we never grow as humans. we never get any better than we are right now. this is the true sadness of this kind of mind set.

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"a chance for both a mother and a father"

"There will always be exceptions, but the definition of marriage affects all American children," said Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst for CitizenLink, a policy arm of Focus on the Family. "A compassionate society promotes what is in their best interest, and that includes policies that would give every child a chance for both a mother and a father."

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women don't like sex

christine o'donell is NOT me.

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dear maura kelly

this is my own little letter to maura kelly of marie claire. i will not post a link to her article here because a) you've all already read it, and b) i hate the thought of my rambly little letter adding to its already atrocious hit count. but i will post my friend ginger's response to it - clickety.

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