Dave Hill
every time Dave comes to LA, i buy another piece of clothing that i hope will lure him back. seriously.
John Fugelsang
brilliant, funny, sexiest voice ever.
Suzanne Whang
sweet as pie. filthy as fuck. my goddess, i love her.
Dylan Brody
a true master on multiple levels.
Ginger Voight
... is awesome. :)
Hal Sparks
comedian, actor, rock star, future secretary of state ( maybe? ), friend.
Hal's band.
The Bloggess
one of the few sites that i check on a daily basis.
Tattoo Snob
cause i am. =D
Stop Beck
because glenn beck is a danger to rational society.
Design View
Andy Rutledge is one of the best in my industry and someone i hope to eventually be compared to.
Unbreakable Tattoo
this is the shop where i get all of my work done by Daniel Werder. ( and soon, one piece by Sung Song. ) the rest of my family has their work done by Brendan Rowe.