i am a tattoo snob

yes, i am tattooed. i don't think of myself as heavily tattooed, but i completely understand where and how some people classify me that way. i never try to cover them all up. ever since i started having work done on my chest, i actually tend to buy clothing that will show them off somehow. because of that, i don't complain that people react to them. it's natural. expected.

and i love to talk about my tattoos. i am perfectly happy to tell you all about them and even happier to tell you who did them. ( daniel werder and charlie forbes ) i'm a fan of explaining the process of getting a tattoo and how important it is to find a tattooer that you can work with well to someone who is genuinely interested. i am all for educating the masses about the tattoo process, best practices, and culture. hopeless romantic that i am.. i still believe that education will lead to better acceptance and fewer snap judgements.

that being said.. i am a huge snob about tattoos. i will judge you based on your tattoos. i'll do it silently as long as you keep your mouth shut. once you start talking, tho, i am open to tell you exactly what i think. and i will.

if you've got a lot of tattoos and they are all really bad, i'm not going to want to talk tattoos with you because i know you're not seriously going to try to find a better artist and get quality work done. it's much more likely that you're going to continue to let your friend tattoo you in his mom's basement because it's cheap or free or you've got some kind of weird idea that being tattooed by someone you know makes you a badass. having the conversation at all would only be a matter of being polite and would ultimately be a waste of time.

if you've got ( what i think are ) stupid tattoos, i most likely won't talk to you at all about anything. ever. tattoos show a certain level of commitment and if you're willing to permanently mark something like this or this or this or this onto your body, you're not the kind of personality that i'd ever be able to tolerate for more than 13 seconds. i just can't give anyone a pass for something like that. in fact, i won't goto a tattooer that would be willing to do such a thing no matter how much the customer wanted it. ( ps - where tattoos are concerned, i am a CLIENT not a customer. )

if you've got one tattoo that is a piece of flash you got for your 18th birthday, i'm not going to want to talk tattoos with you. nothing frustrates me more than some trendy bimbo comes up saying "like, oh my god, your tattoos are like so pretty! where'd you get it done? oh, i have one too! look! isn't it like totally sexy?" while lifting the back of her shirt to show me a tribal tramp stamp. most of those girls then proceed to tell me how they totally want to get another small one on their ankle because that'd be like totally so sexy too but they're afraid to because they remember how much the first one hurt. my standard response to this type of girl is to say "tattoos on women are just tacky." and walk away while she tries to figure out if i'm crazy or she is.

if you don't have any tattoos at all and just want to tell me how i'm going to look when i'm old or how you're sure it's hard for me to find a job or do i realize that people probably think i've been to jail or whatever.. then i really don't want to talk to you. when you say that kind of stuff, it's proof positive that you know nothing about tattoo or the tattoo community. which is fine, but either ask me about it or let's talk about something else.

do not even consider trying to imply that my tattoos do anything to diminish my ability to be a good parent. i will smack you down real damn fast for that one.

the tattoos vs profession reactions go both ways. i'm a developer. a programmer. given that information, it makes perfect sense to one person, and completely baffles the guy sitting next to them. that always makes me giggle.

i am very annoyed by people who use the shortened slang "tat" instead of the whole word "tattoo." i figure if my tattooer has spent years perfecting his art, and i spent the time, money, and pain to have it done, we both deserve that second syllable. it's not that much effort. seriously. "ink" also annoys me, but slightly less. "body art" is kindof okay.. but i'm a technical person. i like using the proper names of things.

as far as dating goes.. i'd never disqualify someone just because they have no tattoos as long as they didn't have a problem with mine. but, i'll be the first to admit that i am much more attracted to tattooed people.

March, 06 2011 under tattoo


March, 06 2011 by susidhe

I love you and all your gorgeous tattoos, my sistuh blisstuh. I'm glad I've never noticed any judgmental energy from you about my tattoo. I think that means you approve of it's placement, quality, meaning, etc. Yay!

March, 06 2011 by bliss

oh silly su. none of this applies to you, anyway, but yes, i love your tattoo. :)