evolution - part 1: baby blissy

i've decided that i should probably start writing down some of the things i've been through in my life. i have my reasons, not the least of which is my fear of eventually forgetting something significant from my past and forgetting why i am the person that i am.

part 1 : baby blissy

i was born in new mexico two weeks after my mother ( dorothy ) crossed into the united states from mexico. so goes the story, anyway. i haven't a clue whatever happened to my biological father, but when i was about eight months old, dorothy met kenny and they were married within a couple of weeks. kenny was my daddy from day one and from here on out when i say "my dad" that's who i mean.

they almost immediately got pregnant with my sister angela, and then very quickly again with erica.

i have only the vaguest memories of dorothy being around when i was tiny. the most vivid one i have is of her sitting in the living room chair with my baby sister in her lap. my dad had a huge fluffy beard at the time and we lived in a trailer house behind my grandparents' house. dad went up to the big house one afternoon and came back clean shaven a few hours later. he came to hug me and i freaked out and hid behind dorothy having no idea who he was until he started talking. i couldn't have been more than 3 at that time. after that night.. i've got nothing of her until i was nine or ten.

it couldn't have been too long after that night that she left us all. she took off one night with me and my two sisters in the car with her and some other man. at this point i haven't a clue who he was. daddy, obviously, was not okay with her taking off with his children, so... some phone calls were made, and a pick-up truck was pulled over by the police. dorothy and her friend were detained and daddy was called. my dad and his parents came out to whatever road dorothy was being detained on and removed all three of us from the car and let her just be on her way.

remember.. daddy had no biological obligations or legal rights to me. but he kept me anyway along with the two daughters he had actually spawned. this fact is probably significant to later parts of my life.

after dorothy was gone, daddy remarried a woman named doty ( pronounced doe-dee ). she was an awful woman. i only remember two things about her. 1) she had a daughter named amanda whose biological status relating to my father i am unsure of. and 2) she left after the following incident...

we lived in the same trailer behind my grandparents' house where we'd lived with my biological mother. being the kind of small texas town that it was, a whole bunch of neighborhood kids were spending the night with us. all of the kids - had to have been at least six of us - were sleeping on my dad's king size bed. cannot remember where my dad and stepmother were sleeping. anyway, at some point in the middle of the night, my sister angela had to get up to go pee. she was probably 5 at the time. when she came back from the bathroom, it was dark so she was feeling around between all the kids for the flat spot she'd been sleeping in. she thought she found it so she hopped over. she fell off the bed and broke her collar bone. now, when you break your collar bone, there isn't a lot they can do. they put a soft brace on her and sent her back home. couple days later, as she was putting angela in the tub, doty decided that ang's shoulder needed to be rotated and stretched out. i have no idea if this was something the doctor told her to do or not. but angela was screaming in pain and i - at six years old - was convinced that doty was just being mean to her and trying to hurt her. so i went running into the bathroom and hit doty in the back yelling for her to stop hurting my little sister. she didn't... so i did what any protective big sister would do. i went to the kitchen, got the big frying pan, and hit doty over the head with it as hard as i could. there was some yelling on her part, and some hiding in the closet on my part. once dad got home, there was some arguing. and then doty was gone. i've never seen amanda again that i recall. i still wonder if she's one of ours or not.

after two failed marriages, i guess my grandmother decided that my father had no business raising three little girls on his own, so we moved into the big house. i don't know how long or if dad continued to live in the trailer for a while after that or not. i suppose i could ask him. i do remember that he worked at the power plant and would take us to visit his friends and their kids on the weekends.

heh. part 2 will most likely be a bunch of stories about those times. :)

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April, 28 2011 by Spiffy

that seems more interesting than my early childhood... my dad moved around a lot, because he had an attitude and couldn't keep a job... mom moved out to date the biker next door (who had playboy centerfolds covering the ceiling of his garage)... mom kept me at the friend's place she was living at until one time I went to visit my dad and he convinced (brainwashed?) me to stay with him... I fought my great grandmother who I loved so she wouldn't force me to leave my dad's house... she eventually moved with the biker from California to Colorado, got married, and annulled it 2 weeks later... she then met a great guy who gave her 2 more kids and then left her after they gold old enough to move out... she was very demanding and hard to live with, so I applaud him for sticking with her as long as he did... my dad and I continued moving constantly, never going to the same school for more than a year, sometimes only a day or two, before moving again... I never had friends because of it, except family friends that we would see often, one of which was my age and was my only real friend throughout childhood...