welcome to serialyzed Bliss

here it is. serialyzed Bliss. the place where i will rant and rave and just generally throw my thoughts and opinions out there.

a little about me-
my name is Bliss and i am a lot of things. a woman, a developer, a parent, a sister, a daughter, a friend, tattooed and pierced. i am crude and as unPC as it gets. i have opinions and am not afraid to share them, however unpopular they may be. i am anything but stereotypical. i'm dirty minded and have no problem letting you know exactly what i think of you. i have dreams and goals and am doing everything i can to make them happen.

my goal in all of this is to open one person's eyes to true tolerance, critical thinking, and what real love is in all its forms. i hope for more, but even one would make my efforts more than worth it.

i will also be pimping out sites, people, causes, and events that i follow.

now, be forewarned, i am not an eloquent writer. at all. i write like i speak, and that means that some of my posts will be heavily peppered with the word fuck. and possibly worse. so be prepared. :)

and yes, i am aware that this site looks like shit in ie6. no, i do not care. if you're reading this in ie6, it's time to upgrade to at least ie7. or better yet, goto a better browser. firefox, opera, chrome, safari, anything. seriously. just do it.

October, 08 2009 under self