i have a job as a developer, but i do the same thing outside of work. as freelance and as a hobby. geekerific, huh?

my latest and greatest project has been a wordpress theme for the phenomenal Hal Sparks, who i am lucky enough to call a friend of mine.

the theme is titled phenomeHal, for obvious reasons. it features dual styles ( yin and yang ), bunches of jQuery and some random, minor additions to the PHP. i am not very good on the design side of things and usually avoid doing it if i can, but i made an exception for Hal. so, where i do not think that the two designs are quite up to par with what *could* have been done, i am quite proud of them nonetheless. especially the yang style. i am partial to dark and dirty, tho.

i got the idea for the dual styles because there is more than one side to Hal, and i didn't want his internet home to only reflect one aspect of him as a person. i didn't feel like enough people really knew everything that he is capable of, so i wanted to showcase more than just his comedy. more than just his music. more than just his charity work. more than just his political knowledge. the list goes on and on, really.

this is one of those projects that will be an ongoing thing for me. it was a lot of fun to do and because i'm ocd about these things, i'll continue to tweak at it off and on as i see things i feel need correcting.

so, i send much love and appreciation Hal's way for allowing me to be a part of this project. and for not sucking as a "client." :)

December, 23 2009 under projects