so here's an article from our beloved Faux News : Extending Federal Benefits to Same-Sex Couples Will Cost $898M, CBO Says

and here's another article from hrc.org explaining how this would work : The Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act

so, what i want to comment on here is not what these articles say or how they say them. i want to comment on the responses being left on Fox's site. well, i suppose this is a commentary on Fox's phrasing as these comments are prompted by exactly that and NOT what is actually in DPBO.

the copied comments are in pink with my own commentary in orange.

Regardless of how they try to package this, it will cost the straight taxpayers millions of dollars gays don't pay taxes? to fund their disgusting i'm sure you do plenty of things someone else finds disgusting. should that mean that they can decide which basic rights you have access to? i didn't think so. lifestyle. Contact your elected officials and tell them to vote against any legislation extending benefits based on sexual preference. sexual orientation and sexual preference are two different things. the only members of the LGBT community that can extend any preference are the bisexuals. my orientation is bisexual. my preference is men. see how that works?
I do not think tax payers should have to pay for groin preferences period. Many walks of life co-habitat, What about those people? go read what's actually in the bill. it covers heteros. the term "domestic partner" does not automatically mean gay. Here goes the domino affect.
someone made a comment about funding gay bathhouses. i had something to say but.. i couldn't bring myself to quote that level of stupidity.
West Virginia
God made Adam and Eve,not Adam and Steve. i'm sorry, but if your argument rhymes.. it loses whatever validity it *could* have had. What's next,the government pay for you and your collie as life partners ? and again with the "omg how far will we go?!" grow up, people.
i'm appalled at the lack of respect some people's comments have shown here. no kidding, right? Imagine if your son, daughter, or best friend was one of these individuals...would it change your opinions? that's just it. the majority of people don't care if it doesn't directly affect them. this is part of the laziness that is so prevalent in this country, imo. you notice none of these people went and actually READ what's in the bill, or applied any real logic or reason to their arguments.
It's never been about equal rights for gays, it's always been about preferential treatment for gays. where is any of this preferential? is there some magical fine print somewhere that says "if you're gay, you also get this fabulous set of titanium steak knives!"?? Who is hate crime legislation for if it's not JUST preferential treatment of gays. uh, last i checked it was for all minorities. All this for less than 10% of the US population. so.. since there aren't very many of them, they don't matter? what about dwarfs. there are even less of them, i'm sure. should we take their rights away also? Every time it's voted on they lose. That's America speaking then perhaps it's time for america to start thinking before it speaks, huh?............ it's what Obama refuses to hear.
North Carolina
And if all the persons in these domestic partnerships were heterosexual and married traditionally, guess what it's going to cost the american taxpayer? 898 Million. ding ding ding! we have a winner! and not all of the couples that will be covered by this are gay. How much have these same couples paid out in taxes? In higher insurance premiums? Since they don't qualify for couples benefits, higher than what you or I pay as a heterosexual married person. Think about it. Why should same sexual couples be denied rights when they are paying for them the same as we are? Bigotry and hatred...what a wonderful thing to read about during the Christmas season. it makes me sad too. :(
I haven't voted for a democrat in 30 years. But I am enough of a scientist to know that gays are born that way. We call it sexual preference, but they don't really have a choice of who they are drawn to. Providing them with benefits for a life partner is the same as providing me with benefits for my wife. It's just right. nothing to add here, really. smart guy.
imcold oh hell, this guy again?
onlyconinoregon: Please explain how thousands have left the lifestyle and went on to heterosexual marriages and have children of their own. yes, plenty of people do this. and do you know WHY they do this? because people like you spend so much time/effort/energy convincing them that they are "disgusting" and "perverted." making them feel that who they truly are isn't good enough. that they are less than human. well.. you are the one who is less than human. what would posess you to be so cruel to someone you don't even know?
With the gays and lesbians, you will deal with AIDs and the such, things that us hetros don't deal with. heteros don't deal with HIV/AIDS? just as many cases are caused by hetero sex and drug use ( 46% combined ) as are by gay male-to-male sex ( 47% ). Statistics first link that came up in google with the search term "HIV statistics." try that before you try to make a point. you fail. kthxbye. Why should we pay for these perverts.
It should be interesting to see how a "domestic partnership" is defined, and whether by its definition it is discriminatory against heterosexual couples who are only shacked up - maybe they don't believe in marriage, but are utterly committed to each other, or are common-law in some states but not recognized in others. again.. go read it. it covers that. Whatever. It seems that the gay community wants special privileges for their own members, and the heck with real equality. man, you started off okay, but then got dumb. there is nothing preferential in this bill. there are no bonuses for being gay. no steak knives, no alaskan cruise, not even a snazzy lapel pin.
this_is_rude,North Carolina wrote, "Costly for taxpayers? Are you freakin kidding me?! Since when do Gay & Lesbians not pay taxes? That's it. How about Gay & Lesbians stop paying taxes for heterosexual benefits?! Let's find out how much heterosexual benefits cost and deduct that from our taxes!" ================== Hey rude, the only people who would support this are gay or ignorant. Gays have more partners and can just change partners at the next night club gig, got a source for this? OTHER than your local pastor or your mom? i didn't think so. don't speak to things you know nothing about. so this is the same as giving benefits to shack up weekend lovers of heterosexual couples. and one more time.. go read the fuckin bill. there are conditions that have to be met. and i have no doubt that term of the relationship is part of those conditions. This is my girlfriend this month, so she deserves the same benefits as elected government officials. This supports the quote that liberalism is a mental disorder. LOL! michael savage fan? you like glenn beck too, huh? In addition, gays make up 6-8 percent of the total population that want to push sodomy on the rest. wtf? really? YOu can keep your 6% of the gays that supposedly pay taxes, and let us have marriage as it was meant to be. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. what did i tell you people about using rhymes in your arguments?
Straight people have a right to know whats going on and we also have a right to OUR opinion!!! equal rights are not about your opinion. your opinion should never affect another person's access to basic civil rights. how fucking self-absorbed can you be? Thank you FOX for all the articles you provide. Why are gay people so touchy about a true article???? this article is only partially true. it uses bigotry-inducing language instead of the truth. Anyway, out with obama and his idiotic followers!!!
Hesters2 - Just to clarify your point, here's a passage from the Bible. For the rest of you, after reading this,you tell me of GOD thinks homosexuality is "okay": Leviticus 20:13 (New International Version) 13 " 'If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads." Lest we forget the lesson GOD taught us with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah... ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++The United States does not govern itself based on any one religion, so any passage in that book is completely irrevelant. A-FUCKING-MEN! i love you. if i hadn't just moved away from minnesnowta, i'd take you out to dinner. srsly.
America is not and was never a Christian nation. Gays pay taxes. This entitles them to every single benefit that any other tax-paying citizen of our country receives. MARRIAGE is not Christian, either. The term "Marriage", as well as the concept of a mutually beneficial official relationship, originated in Greece(Before Christ). Holy Matrimony is the bonding of souls, as prescribed by many different faiths - that will never be tampered with by the federal government. But for all of you "strict constitutionalists" out there - re-read the separation of church and state passage, and recognize that other people's marriages in no way influences your own. why can't people understand this simple fact? i just don't get it. it's like my dear friend Hal Sparks says: the only way gay marriage can ruin your straight marriage is IF YOU'RE GAY. and even then, the marriage isn't ruined so much as it's corrected.
Gays have equal rights. They want preferential treatment. Losers. namecalling? really? and in what area do gays have equal rights? do you realize that under DADT, if a gay soldier is killed in action, there is no official notice to their partner? way to be completely wrong. go. read. the. fucking. bill. i swear.
I am not for guy marriage but this makes not sense to me. Why is it cost more to cover guy couples than it does to cover male/female couples??? The cost should be the same. it is. it's Faux's messed up phrasing that makes it sound like it isn't.
So, maybe we can also pay benefits to the dogs, horses, cows, sheep, etc.. for those who prefer beastiality. is that what people do in indiana instead of learning to be remotely rational?

just my two cents. well.. it's probably more like 92 cents.

December, 27 2009 under political