lessee.. women are psychos and men are simple. really, glenn? really? i really wish i could get my inflections into text. maybe i'll do video blogs at some point. what is it that the cool kids call those? vlogs? those are some pretty big blanket statements.

let's look at them shall we..

all women are psychos

how does he know this? has he met all of them? altho.. we might have to cut him a little bit of a break on this one. he is really only exposed to one type of woman. the ones that follow him have got to be psychos. right? and what kind of woman would marry and procreate with someone like glenn beck? psycho. and let's face it, his poor daughters never really stood a chance, what with being raised by him.

all men are simple

uh boy. all men care about is food, fucking, and sleep? uhm, not the men i know. in fact, now that i think about it, none of the men i know are like that. well, i take that back. one man i know is like that, but that is the reason that i no longer associate with him. what does this say about the men who follow beck, tho? that they are cavemen with no ability to think for themselves outside of "pumppumpjizzsnore"? because, obviously, he would never speak on a topic he has no experience with.

well, mr beck and i, obviously, have very different standards when it comes to who we choose to associate with. meaning, of course, that i have some. hell, half the men i know are way more emotionally unstable than any woman i care to hang out with. i think glenn and i just attract different kinds of people. he attracts cavemen and loonies; i attract intelligent, rational people who know how to think for themselves.

perhaps all that is really needed here is a simple rephrasing to keep glenn honest. "all the women I KNOW are psychos and all the men I KNOW are simpletons, because no sane and reasonable person would find me worth their time and attention."

here's the issue of the day, tho.
someone posted a link to a story about this to his facebook/twitter. okay. fine.
a couple of his female friends comment on this post with their opinions of beck and his particular brand of sexism. okay. still fine.
THEN! we have a guy start responding to the women about how they are overreacting and need to "chill out" because beck is an "entertainer" and most of his show is satire. riiiight.

i admit, i made a couple of responses to this guy. but i was at work and couldn't really invest much time into it. plus, i didn't really feel like anything he said after my first comment really needed to be substantiated with a response from me. and.. well.. my girls were handling it juuust fine. and they both blogged about the whole thing. because they are fiery women and that's what they do. and i love them both for their fire. they can be read here and here. i suggest you read both of those articles. they both make very good points. i hurrah'd them both. preach on my feminist sisters!

MY point in this whole thing, tho, is not so much about the latest sexist comment from beck or the feminist take on aforementioned comment, but more about his social responsibility as an "entertainer" - if that's what he wants to call himself. and don't get me wrong here, i am not a fan of what he said by any stretch of the imagination. or anything he ever says, to be honest. i'm just focusing a different direction.

whether we like it or not, beck's got quite a following. even some of my own relatives. *shudder* here's the thing tho.. with that kind of fanbase ( for lack of a better word ) of people who take him seriously, he is dangerous. lemme say that again..

glenn beck. is. dangerous.

what's beck's gimmick? to get so into some topic that he cries to show people how really REALLY serious he is and how big his emotions and fears are. that's how you get to people. you evoke emotion in them. his fans are like groupies. and not just regular groupies; the crazy kind. they eat up everything he says without hesitation or question. these are people who cannot think for themselves and will preach their ( read: his ) opinions like gospel. and they will put enough passion into their preaching that normally rational people will begin to wonder if maybe they have a point. then it spreads. like the plague.

i think i had quite a bit more to say, but it's now approaching 2am and my head has been kindof swimmy the last few days. so i apologize if this doesn't make sense to you. couple things before i goto bed tho..

to glenn beck: don't assume all women are psychos just because you can't seem to marry or raise sane ones. and don't assume all men are simple eat-fuck-machines just because that's all you are capable of. also.. to get back to the dangerous thing.. are you sure you want to offend all the psycho women out there? do you know how psycho some women really are? remember this chic? yeah. just sayin.. lol i just realized.. Victoria's blog talked some about the double standards for women and one of the lines was "and if we get beaten we must have provoked it." if some highly offended feminist beats up beck, will anyone say he provoked it?

and to our new facebook friend, jay: you're an idiot. you do not get to tell anyone whether or not they should be offended. and he was not joking. he said "i'm totally sincere in this." if beck is trying to be an entertainer, he needs to move to another network. maybe he can get a 3am infomercial spot on QVC or something.

and really, how can i post anything related to glenn beck and not send some love to one of my favorite tweeps? @StopBeck is helping to lessen the numbers in beck's throng of zombie headed followers. how many sponsors gone now? 98ish now, right? well done.

EDIT: now that i'm feeling a little more coherent, there was something else i wanted to say here. beck's whole commentary was about brown pimping his daughters after his victory speech. basically saying it was a stupid thing for brown to say with a national tv audience. how exactly is it any smarter to say to his own national audience that his daughters are psychos? hypocrite much? seriously, glenn, it doesn't get much more pot-n-kettle than that. not only that.. but these are his daughters. three of them. it's not like he can escape their wrath at having been pretty much humiliated by their own father. and this isn't the kind of humiliation a person feels when their parents show their baby pictures to their new boy/girlfriend. this is PUBLIC humiliation on a NATIONAL level. if those girls aren't pist, there's something wrong with them.

January, 22 2010 under political