i just launched a quick project with my friend Chris Bonno.

Chris is an artist a fantastic one, mind you on top of being an actor and comedian. this site will eventually house much more than it does right now.

for a recent art show, he came up with the idea to start painting on styrofoam plates. after he showcased them for a few minutes on Hal's cam show, there was quite a bit of "how can i get one?!" so, Chris and i put together Bonnofide Art. this site will eventually house quite a bit more than it does right now, but he needed a spot to showcase the super-kitsch that these plates are. and to make them available to fans and collectors. the telephone is the greatest thing ever.

this quick design is a collaboration between the two of us. the biggest bragging point on my end of things is that this was a very quick turn around: 2 days ( evening, afternoon, most of a day ).

check the site often for added content, new plates, and updates in the site's design.

January, 28 2010 under projects