css switcher

so, i've done it again. threw down another real quick style for this site. but, i like the red one so much that i've added in a style switcher ( upper right corner ). cause i'm cool like that. and you can be sure that i'll just add any other new styles up there as i come up with them. doing this will probably be my new hobby for a while. i should probably start getting more creative with naming them.

nothing particularly special about this one. considering doing something else to the background.. but not sure yet.

maybe the next one will be more graphic and complex. maybe not. i'm a pretty minimalist person, really.

and i'll go ahead and include my usual disclaimer. *ahem*

this site looks like ass in IE6 and i don't care. i didn't even bother to check.

anyway. yeah. :)

February, 08 2010 under self