mysterious toilet paper

i started a new job in november. around the first of december, i started noticing something odd in the ladies' room.


see that roll of toilet paper? it's been right there since i started working there.

at first, i think someone liked to bring in their own better stuff. then i realized it's the same as what the company puts in there.

then i started thinking maybe someone just has some weird ocd about other people touching the same roll. but, no one seems to be using it ( meaning there's never a new roll there, and it doesn't get any smaller ).

a couple weeks ago, it vanished...

and now it's back. in the exact same state it was in when i started. i don't understand. it's the strangest thing i have come across at this company. i've asked all the women i see and no one knows anything about it. and it doesn't seem like anyone else has ever really even noticed it there at all.

i realize this is kindof a pointless thing to post here, but.. i just want to fuckin know what the hell the deal is. and seriously.. why did it magically go away and then come back?!

February, 12 2010 under oddity


February, 17 2011 by Spiffy

take it! then wait to see if somebody speaks up...

July, 11 2014 by MO Employee

Please stop taking photographs of my toliet paper. The struggle is real.