dear twitter

a while back, a bunch of fans started a campaign on @twitter to get @halsparks @verified. there were hundreds of tweets sent their way to make this happen, and lo and behold, it did!

it was awesome! there was dancing and woohoo-ing and general merriment. and everyone was happy.

then one day, @halsparks got a brand spankin new website ( courtesy of yours truly ) and again, everyone was filled with happy-happy-joy-joy. and for the record, i was sitting next to him and watched while he tweeted about the site's launch on Dec 1, 2009.

so, @halsparks tried to change his @twitter profile to reflect this new OFFICIAL website's url ( ) and remove the myspace address he'd been using. after several attempts ( @twitter kept defaulting back to the old myspace address with no explanation of why ), he finally got it to save the new OFFICIAL website. yay! right? WRONG! this change caused @twitter to LOSE HIS @verified STATUS. *gasp*

as soon as he noticed, @halsparks asked @twitter, @caroline, and @verified - very politely - to return his badge. the fans also asked nicely for its return. but... @twitter did not answer.

and everyone was sad. :(

shortly after this, one @mrskutcher lost her badge as well because she changed her profile photo. this is just bad programming on @twitter's part, btw. it's ridiculous for a profile to lose it's verification because its owner chooses to change their profile photo, details, email address, etc. do they have to okay it with @twitter if they want to move?!? upon discovery, her badge was returned. and with a quickness, i might add.

however.. @twitter, @caroline, and @verified continued to ignore the pleas of the #charmageddon crew and @halsparks to return his badge.

another @twitter campaign was started with a new hashtag of #reverifyHal. still, the cries went unanswered.

then! there was an error message from @twitter, @emilypinkerton ( whoever she is ), @verified informing @halsparks that he had been DENIED VERIFICATION. wtf? why? what reason could there possibly be for this?

do they not realize that @halsparks mentions his @twitter account publicly on an almost daily basis?

in an attempt to make his @twitter profile MORE legit, @halsparks lost his @verified badge. this makes ZERO sense.

so, please, dear @twitter, don't make us lump you in with facebook. fix this for @halsparks.

May, 20 2010 under self


May, 20 2010 by SuSidhe

Never better said. I hope someone listens. I'd hate to have to boycott twitter when I'd just begun enjoying it. :)