why Hal Sparks should be reverified

last night i posted a link-riddled post sortof detailing the semi-convoluted story of @HalSparks' verification status on twitter.

it got retweeted a couple of times which got my blog kinda slammed today. which is awesome.

so here is the condensed version for @Twitter's convenience.

reasons why @HalSparks should be reverified:
  • Hal mentions his twitter profile in every interview
  • Hal mentions his twitter repeatedly for three hours every wednesday on national radio on the Stephanie Miller show ( @SMShow for Humpdays with Hal ( video proof of this can be seen here ) )
  • Hal's twitter handle is prominently displayed on his weekly streaming show ( every saturday at noonish pst )
  • Hal's zazzle store has several shirts printed with "@halsparks" and the #charmageddon hastag ( obvious references to twitter )
  • Hal's business cards have his @twitter info on them
  • Hal's OFFICIAL @HalSparks twitter feed is on his OFFICIAL website
  • Hal has been FILMED TWEETING on TMZ ( i can't find the video right now, but it aired on TMZ on dec 1, 2009 )
  • Hal even mentions @twitter in his stand-up act

if there's another reason you'd like to add to this list, please leave it in the comments below.

May, 21 2010 under opinions


May, 21 2010 by felicia

I would have never gotten a twitter account,only got one to keep up on his day to day life.

October, 16 2012 by Ash

You sure suffer from diarrhea of the mouth, should wipe the chunks of shit from your mouth once in a while