look i'm blogging!

so.. i have a blog. i know what blogs are for. i build them. i built this one for that particular purpose and have slacked on it since, well.. since the beginning really.

don't look at me like that. i'm a really busy person.

anyway.. thought i'd post some stuff i think is kinda interesting and throw down a little update on what's going on with me.


let's see.. kids are finishing up school this week. some of them are going elsewhere for part of the summer. some aren't.

work is going well. i've got a pretty good balance between 'bored to tears' and 'OMFG YOU WANT THAT WHEN?!' going on lately.

we had the Charmageddon party for Hal a couple weeks ago. that was awesome. and now, i own a copy of Escape from Halcatraz, so.. i no longer have any excuse for not having seen it...

also, finally got to meet Sarah in person. it's crazy-awesome how comfortable i was with her from the first moment. it really didn't feel like a first meeting. more like... one of those longtime friends that you see every couple months. where you want to hang out but you're comfortable enough to not feel like you have to be super entertaining the whole time. does that make sense? well, i know what i mean, so.. yeah.

okay.. what else.. oh! my birthday is coming up. yay! and, i have insanely phenomenal things going on around it.

i've recently rediscovered my fascination with octopus. for a moment, i even considered getting a salt water tank so i could keep one. then i remembered that whole thing where i don't want a pet that i have to make arrangements for if i suddenly want to leave town for a few days. so, no octopus for me. i'll go home today and hug Ash and appreciate him for being so easy and still loving me. :)

oh and i started a big tattoo. =D

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