hi again

HI! a lot has happened since my last post.

i had my birthday. spent the entire night at the Houdini Estate filming Hal's music video. was a super fun night and i got to take my birthday pictures with everyone in a giant princess chair. think my favorite thing about the night was sitting around listening to the band guys in their sleepless delirium funny. :)

this was the first time i'd been around to see something be filmed. quite educational given that i'd like to eventually end up in the industry. at least for a while.

half of my kids are gone for the summer. missing them all like mad. one will be back next week tho and i'll regain a little of my sanity.

picked up a neato project at work that'll keep me busy for a little while. and the last one is finishing up quite nicely.

i finally finished watching the rest of red dwarf. so glad mah girl Sarah introduced me to it. speaking of Sarah... i miss her. :( also stoked that the new season of the IT Crowd has started up. and Entourage too.

i've spent some time with a man that i'd like to spend a lot more time with.

i got bored and put a new skin up here. and as usual - this is NOT an ie-compatible skin. and i also - finally - fixed my twitter feed here.

hm. guess that's not as much as i thought it was. ah well. i'll make up for it with some videos. :)

video for Born to Act Players by my friend, Kevin:

poem by craig charles:

creepy lip sync from the philippines:

July, 11 2010 under self