make it happen

i'm a huge fan of this phrase. and a believer in the concept.

i'm not sure there is any single quality in a human being that i find more inspiring or attractive. it shows a level of determination and commitment to a goal and the true strength of one's character. these are the people that i choose to surround myself with.

the king of "make it happen"

hal sparks is where i picked up the phrase to begin with, really. i've heard him use those words countless times. i'm not sure that he ever meant to say it the way i am right now, but there it is. credit where credit is due and whatnot. he'll tell you that his life, work, music, everything, come from exactly that. he knew what he wanted and made it happen. i won't go on about that, tho, since you can ask him yourself.

my favorite "make it happen" guy right now

Stop Beck.

i don't know how many of you are familiar with him, but Angelo Carusone ( also know as @StopBeck on twitter ) has become a hero of mine because of his determination and ability to make something so significant happen. glenn beck has lost ( as of right now ) 132 sponsors! Angelo spent his time, money, and effort making sure that those companies knew what they were paying for. made sure that they were aware of the vicious and cruel rhetoric they were associating their products with. as a result of the work Angelo put into his goal, 132 companies have dropped glenn beck.

and he's not sloppy about what he does. he pays attention. he keeps track. and he refuses to let up. do you have any idea what he puts himself through? this article explains a little bit about his routine:

[...] Working from an office in his two-bedroom apartment in Madison, Wisconsin, which he shares with Brett Abrams, his partner of six years, Carusone ingests a super-size dose of Glenn Beck every day—three hours of syndicated radio programming and one hour on Fox News. "It would be incredibly unfair of me to charge Beck with all of these claims if I didn't get everything he says exactly right," Carusone explains. [...]

he puts himself through 4 hours of beck every day, keeping track of everything the man says. do you have any idea what kind of dedication that takes? can you even begin to fathom how deeply Angelo believes in his crusade? and all of this on top of law school and maintaining a long term relationship. ( big props to Angelo's partner as well for supporting him. )

Angelo Carusone had a plan. he did the work. and he made it happen. on a large scale. and he continues to do so every day.

as a side note: i know recognition isn't the reason that Angelo does what he does, but i don't think he or his effort are getting the kind of attention or thanks that are so deserved. so, thank you, Angelo, so much for standing up for something you believe in and being the kind of hero that you are.

my own "make it happen" story

technically, i have more than this, but this is the one i'm going to share.

my job. several years ago, i was working at a horrible company as a receptionist and customer service rep. i have a really hard time with the concept of "the customer is always right" because, quite frankly, they're usually not. not in my experience, anyway. i don't do well in a situation where someone is dead wrong or trying to cheat the system and is adamant about it. i will call you on your bullshit and not feel bad about it, so... customer service really wasn't the right place for me. plus, there was nothing challenging about my work. at all. i was bored, i hated my coworkers, and i dreaded going to work every day.

i decided that i wanted a new job. i had taken up web development as a hobby years before and decent at it. my partner at the time was ( and still is ) a brilliant developer and was thrilled to help and teach me anything i wanted to learn. i spent a couple of months bugging him, learning everything i could to further my talents, and put my resume on monster. i figured it would take a while for me to find even an entry level position in a new industry, so i didn't give my notice or anything just yet. three days after putting my resume online, i got a call about a job at Thomson Reuters. i interviewed with them once over the phone and they wanted me to start the next monday. !!! there it was. a new job doing something i loved, didn't require me to bow down to stupid people, and paying 2.5x what i'd been making.

now, i'm respected for what i do. enough that i have been asked to teach other people what i do and how i do it.

made a choice. did the work. made it happen. operative phrase here: did the work. that's where people get messed up on this concept. they think just wanting something is enough, and, believe me, it isn't. you've got to do the work. put in the effort. do what you have to do to make it happen. life isn't going to just hand you what you want out of nowhere. the future isn't written. you make your own future.

this is what i teach my children. this is what i try to show to the people i know and meet.

July, 17 2010 under self


July, 17 2010 by Ginger

The same thing happened with me and the writing - and all the things I was doing out of faith to make it happen fell into place. Every day I wake up excited at what the day will bring, and how much control I have over my own future - doing things on my terms. Sometimes I get a lil nervous that I don't deserve it somehow and it'll go away, but then I think of all the dues I paid, all the things I did for free to learn my craft and earn my stripes and I realize I deserve to be here. And it's only the beginning. If I can do this, I can do anything. Life is so much better once you realize this.