dear maura kelly

this is my own little letter to maura kelly of marie claire. i will not post a link to her article here because a) you've all already read it, and b) i hate the thought of my rambly little letter adding to its already atrocious hit count. but i will post my friend ginger's response to it - clickety.

dear maura kelly,

what were you thinking? seriously. i'd like to know.

how about i just tell you what i'm thinking? sound good? no? tough. i'm throwing it down anyway.

obviously, you've been attacked ( and deservedly so, in my humble little opinion ) for your opinions about obese people. and obviously, you're entitled to your opinion just like the people currently bashing you for it are entitled to theirs. well, i'm not going to attack you like they are. i'm going to take a little different tack ( ha! i actually LEARN from my friends ).

i.. young maura.. think you're an idiot. in a couple of different ways.

let's get this part out of the way before i get to my main point :: that whole article was terribly mean. honest, i'm sure, but very mean. reading it leaves me to wonder what you're like to actually be around. no doubt you're going to cringe at being labeled a bigot, but that's what you are, honey. and that means that i - one of the most accepting people ever - would never tolerate you. now i realize that someone you've never met, and never will meet, saying such a thing means nothing to you, but unfortunately.. the things you said about people you've never met and will never meet means a lot more to them. and i'm pretty sure you're going to pay a heavy price for your comments.

now here are the points i actually want to make.

a) i have no doubt that the opinion you expressed in your article is 100% honest. what i do doubt the honesty of is your little appology tacked onto the end of it. after saying I feel just as uncomfortable when I see an anorexic person you make the confession of your history as an anorexic, and my life-long obsession with being thin. you're contradicting yourself there. either that, or your body image is way more fucked up than you even realize. which i'd bet means that it's not body image that's you're problem. so. either you just feel better by making any- and everyone else feel awful and unworthy.. or you're lying about the anorexia thing to try to scapegoat your poor posting decision. or you're a massive hypocrite. ( plus, that whole I have a few friends who could be called plump. thing sounds a lot like any other kind of bigot trying to cover by saying "i'm not racist/homophobic/sexist/anti semitic! i have a black/gay/female/jewish friend!" )

b) even more unfathomable to me, tho, is your total lack of common sense. did you really, honestly believe that it was a good idea to post this? seriously? i'm not even a real writer and i edit my own journal entries nine times before i get to a draft i'm willing to title and save. no one even reads those. a lot of people read the things you post. a whole lot of people. it's beyond me that you could have reread this and thought "yeah, that's a great post! that's *exactly* what i want to say." there wasn't even one little twinge of "hrm. this might hurt someone." in your little head?

you have a wider reach than you realize - as evidenced by nearly 1500 comments on your post. and an even wider one when you publicly fuck up like this. i had never even heard of you until today - and after seeing how many of my friends reposted your article just for the sake of pointing out your rudeness, i can only guess at how many other people's first impression of you is this negative. to be honest, i kinda think you WANTED this kind of negative attention. know why? you ended your post with Do you think I'm being an insensitive jerk? you knew you were. you pointed it out and tried to soften the blow earlier in the article with I'm not some size-ist jerk. yes, you are.

here's the other thing, dear maura, you write for a published magazine. you are held to a higher standard than the average blogger. ( in this respect, i am pretty much lumping you in with glenn beck right now. ) and you should be. know why? with the kind of reach you potentially have, you have a responsibility NOT to spread hateful ideas. i'm going to assume that you haven't missed the news of all the recent suicides by kids who had been bullied for being gay. you realize just as many kids get bullied just as bad for being overweight, right? and just as many of them resort to suicide. and here you are.. validating the same mindset that puts those bullies into action. you were a teenager once. you know how vicious teenage girls can be about these kinds of things. and isn't that marie claire's target demographic?

also, you don't just represent yourself. you represent marie claire. you realize what this is doing to marie claire's reputation, right? have you looked at twitter today?

#MarieClaire online article by Maura Kelly is a disgrace! You should be ashamed! I'm cancelling my subscription and hope everyone joins me.

that's been retweeted a lot, by the way. and she's not the only one. but, no doubt you already know this. no doubt marie claire has already received scads of scathing emails, letters, and phone calls from angry readers complaining and cancelling subscriptions. no doubt someone who outranks you has called you into their office already. no doubt your pitiful, scapegoating attempt at an apology was insisted upon by the magazine.

i'm not saying you're a horrible person. i'm just saying you're not very bright. and i'm also saying that your bigotry is most likely causing you to miss out on some awesome life experiences with people who are 50x more intresting than you are.

i truly hope you grow up and learn something from this mess.


ps - as a side note.. you do not get to admit to being an anorexic with a fucked up body image and try to give people nutrition advice.

pps - in answer to the question posed.. i have not yet seen the show mike & molly, but i sure as hell will now. it thrills me to no end to see networks putting out shows about alternative lifestyles and people who don't fall into the super-model version of "normal."

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October, 28 2010 by Ginger

**hugs** Ditto.

October, 28 2010 by Soy

omg yer shift keys missing!

October, 28 2010 by Dylan Brody

Yay, Blissy! Thanks for this wonderful post. And for learning from your friends. D

October, 16 2012 by bambi

yawn, jump off bridge