i know, i've been slacking and somewhat unavailable in the world wide web as of late. don't panic tho. i'm not avoiding anything or dead in a ditch somewhere. here are my updates tho.

i started a new job a few weeks ago. it is amazingly awesome. i adore what i'm doing and i like my team. i work excessively well with one team member in particular, and that makes me happy. he's a super smart and talented developer. plus, he's funny. :)

i moved. doing it sucked. a lot. not far tho. i think it's more effort and less annoying to move really far than it is to move to another place in the same town. when i was moving from minnesnowta to LA, i never once had the thought "oh good goddess, what was the point of doing this?"

a friend and i have been bonding over an in-depth, two day long discussion about sex. how i view it, how he views it, how society in general views it. anecdotes about past partners have been traded. even discussions of which aspects of sex we would each like to be better at. he and i didn't know each other all that well prior to this, and it's fascinating to find out how much we have in common when it comes to our sexual attitudes. this has prompted me to want to write a longish article about my own views, and an even longer one with other people's views in a sortof interview format. maybe try to work out a way to do a ustream broadcast of a table discussion among a few different people. it's an idea. whether either of those things actually happens or not remains to be seen.

and now it's after midnight and this is really all the time i have for writing this post. the bed is whispering my name is the most Lovely, seductive, and begging tone.

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December, 29 2010 by Dylan Brody

I have just now noticed for the first time, the subheading below "Blissocity."