liar liar pants on fire

the shooting in arizona is nothing short of a tragedy.
my heart and best healing vibes go out to all of the families of lost and injured loved ones.

that being said...

wtf is wrong with people in this country? specifically speaking of the ones with a huge public visibility that keep throwing around the violent rhetoric and gun analogies with no thought to the possibility of crazy people taking them seriously and doing something stupid. and zero sense of responsibility to the common good, safety, and welfare of the population of the country they claim to love so much.

yeah, we all know who i'm talking about.

the most troubling part of this to me is beck and palin's response to this is to try to hide everything they've said that could be interpreted as violent rhetoric. glenny-poo removed some images of himself with a handgun, and sarah removed the "reload" tweet and the website with the crosshairs. oh wait. those were "surveyor's symbols." sorry. my bad.

as it stands, i have no respect for either of them. they're both hypocritical morons with delusions of grandeur and sociopathic tendencies. and neither of them is anywhere close to smart. if they had come out and said "okay.. maybe we're going too far with the gun analogies. we're sorry about that and what happened in arizona. and we promise we'll try to be more civilized in the future." i might have developed a smidgen of tolerance for them. but, oh no.. instead, they've both done everything they can to hide the bullshit they've thrown around and say "nu uh! i totally never said that!" liars liars with their collective pants on fire. not just campfire type fires either. we're talking the exploding oil well kind of fires.

seriously, how can they even begin to pretend they never said such things? it's all over the internet. there are screenshots, tweets, blog posts, audio files of radio broadcasts, youtube videos of tv shows and public appearances. there is nowhere for them to hide. it's fact, not just some rumor started by some crazed obama groupie.

i can't really say that i'm surprised by this, tho. it's the standard practice of spineless people. the kind of people who race to confrontation when they're on the offensive but run screaming when they're going to be held accountable. very. not. cool.

i do feel bad for them, tho. assuming they have anything resembling a soul, anyway. they can try to hide from the public, but they really cannot hide from themselves. they're both going to have to live with the knowledge that they are probably responsible in one way or another for what happened. the guilt will eat away at them. at least i hope it will. that's about the only thing that could make me think they might actually be human.

January, 10 2011 under political