now that's fuckin metal

obviously, i wrote this last night. i wanted to wait for Paul's death to be announced by someone more official before i posted this.

as most of you know.. i hang with mike and his band, Darwen's Theory, pretty damn often. i goto band practice every time i can and i would never ever even consider missing a show. i love each and every one of those guys like i've known them for many years longer than i have. i can't help it. they're all just so... metal.

that was one of the ongoing jokes with them. redefining what's metal almost daily. bunnies bleeding stuffing. heads exploding on stage. chocolate milk. but man.. tonight, Paul showed us all the truest definition of what's metal.

tonight.. Paul died at his drum kit.

you see.. the guys were practicing for the show they had scheduled for saturday night. they ran through their whole set list except for the last song. Paul's calves were cramping a little and some friends had dropped by to watch practice, so he decided to take a break. he talked and hung out for a while until they decided it was time to run through that last song.

they played it.
i recorded it on my laptop.
at the very end of the song..
Paul dropped a stick and collapsed face down onto his snare drum.

we thought he was joking for a moment - because it looked exactly like a reaction he might have to dropping a stick - but quickly realized that he wasn't.

911 was called.
CPR was performed.
paramedics arrived.
Paul was taken to the emergency room.
two rooms full of people fought for Paul's life for over an hour.

Paul died doing exactly what he loved, making the music that he loved, surrounded by people that he loved and that loved him.

NOTHING is more metal than that.

( i was there tonight. i was involved in this whole thing. it's possible - and likely - that i'll have another post soonish about my own feelings and observations through it all.. but not this one. )

February, 11 2011 under self


February, 17 2011 by Spiffy

sad, but strangely noble...

February, 11 2017 by Gregory Alexander

This is just beautiful and wonderful, yet also devastatingly sad, yet brimming with love!!