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"a chance for both a mother and a father"

i came across this article ( clickety ) today. it unnerves me on multiple levels. when i post things like this, i tend to take a little different tack than most. and i'm going to here as well. sortof. i am not going to look at the unconstitutionality of DOMA or the hypocrisy of the federal government leaving marriage rights up to the state and then deporting a legal spouse nevermind what the state decided about the legality of their marriage. what i want to talk about is this : "There will...

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children should be taught

plain and simple.. george carlin was a genius. i have children. and i have very strong opinions on how children should be raised. a person's parenting skills are one thing that i will judge them very harshly on. children should be taught to question everything except the love that we give them. and not to be afraid to question things. children should be taught to be compassionate and respectful to the people that deserve it and how to determine which ones do not. children should be taught...

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teenagers and sex ed

i am a parent. i suppose i sould say "we are parents" since there are three of us. i'll give you a little explanation of the situation before i move on. my former partner and i each brought two children into our relationship. he and i were never married and never had any children together. when we broke up, we saw no reason to completely break up our family. we stayed very good friends and continued coparenting the children even tho there was no legal obligation to. when he started dating...

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