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i just launched a quick project with my friend Chris Bonno. Chris is an artist a fantastic one, mind you on top of being an actor and comedian. this site will eventually house much more than it does right now. for a recent art show, he came up with the idea to start painting on styrofoam plates. after he showcased them for a few minutes on Hal's cam show, there was quite a bit of "how can i get one?!" so, Chris and i put together Bonnofide Art. this site will eventually house quite a bit more...

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i've redesigned this site again. mostly just because i can. and it's a good way for me to relax after a craptastic day. i took out all of the CSS3 transitions and actually put in some design this time. crazy, i know. i've said this before and i'll say it again. i know this site looks like shit in ie6. and i don't care. :)

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i am developing a deep and abiding love for CSS3 and HTML5. but mostly CSS3. being the minimalist that i am, this site is now super plain outside of webkit browsers. safari and chrome are neato with some minor animations. firefox is starting to annoy me with its rendering lately, so i didn't add in the -moz tags to carry the effects over out of spite. because i'm petty like that where personal projects are concerned. i don't think there are any problems in any version of IE.. but to be...

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i have a job as a developer, but i do the same thing outside of work. as freelance and as a hobby. geekerific, huh? my latest and greatest project has been a wordpress theme for the phenomenal Hal Sparks, who i am lucky enough to call a friend of mine. the theme is titled phenomeHal, for obvious reasons. it features dual styles ( yin and yang ), bunches of jQuery and some random, minor additions to the PHP. i am not very good on the design side of things and usually avoid doing it if i can,...

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