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dear maura kelly

this is my own little letter to maura kelly of marie claire. i will not post a link to her article here because a) you've all already read it, and b) i hate the thought of my rambly little letter adding to its already atrocious hit count. but i will post my friend ginger's response to it - clickety. dear maura kelly, what were you thinking? seriously. i'd like to know. how about i just tell you what i'm thinking? sound good? no? tough. i'm throwing it down anyway. obviously, you've been...

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why Hal Sparks should be reverified

last night i posted a link-riddled post sortof detailing the semi-convoluted story of @HalSparks' verification status on twitter. it got retweeted a couple of times which got my blog kinda slammed today. which is awesome. so here is the condensed version for @Twitter's convenience. reasons why @HalSparks should be reverified: Hal mentions his twitter profile in every interview Hal mentions his twitter repeatedly for three hours every wednesday on national radio on the Stephanie Miller...

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it's no secret that my grandmother, who raised me for the most part, does not approve of my lifestyle. what little she cares to know of it. she raised me in the church and i left it for my own personal reasons. not as a rebellion, not because of an outside influence. because it didn't work for me. that has caused quite a bit of friction between us. ( and for the record, i am not completely anti-religion. organized religion simply does not work for me. and the standard christian story just...

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